Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Weigh in week 2

Well i went and got weighed again last night, and I have lost another 5lb. So in 2 weeks i have lost 1 Stone 1 lb, i am over the moon as you can probably imagine. I feel like i am in the right frame of mind to be doing this now. I will say though that I am taking 1 day at a time, not getting carried away with myself just yet. Still only 2 weeks in, and so easy to fall back into old habits, but so far so good.


Foxcraft said...

You can do it hun, we're all there to support you xxxx Caz

Anonymous said...

well done tracy!!!! you are doing so well. gina xxxxx

Pink Diamond Workshop said...

excellent well done, what diet are you doing I need some motivation too. Keep up the good work I know hopw hard it is.