Sunday, 9 November 2008

Bitter Sunday Morning

Morning, thought I would add a quick post to here being that i am up wide awake and ready to tackle the
This weekend has been a quiet but mad one at the same time. Plan was yesterday to go out and tackle the shed so i can clear space in it to put my dolls house being that i need to bring it back to dagenham with me as i have sold the bungalow and it obviously cant stay in the garage.
Didnt quiet happen like that. Instead I noticed my poor lil Sheppey wasnt feeling himself, and that his eye was really weepy. So i called the vets straight away. They was fully booked, but i explained that he had been to the groomer on friday and since he been back his eye is glazed over just as they go when the eye is going blind. With that she rushed to get me an appointment and fitted me in at 3.30 yesterday as an emergency.
So i took him to the vets. The vet put a drop in his eye then put a uv lamp over it to see what the problem was, turns out he has got an ulcer on the eye. It is caused by a scratch over it. I dont think this was done at the groomers as i called her and she said he didnt fidget at all whilst he was being cut, so i am guessing its from when all the dogs play fight together. I have been given drops and pain relief to give him now and then i need to take him back on thursday for a check up. Fingers crossed he gets better, cos at the moment he still isnt right. My poor baby.
So about 6pm i decided to go and try to tackle the shed, i only managed to empty 2 units i have in there but that alone took me 3 hours and 5 bin bags of (not craft stuff old junk i had been holding onto.)
So today i plan on getting out there and spending whole day working. Also need to get an exploding box made for an order. Oh the
Hope you all have a lovely day.

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