Monday, 23 May 2011

Evening from a heavily pregnant bad blogger! - Small favor please :)

Evening all,
I know it has again been months since i last blogged but so much has been going on. What with having Daisy-ann, being pregnant and working i also finally got my house :) so i have had fun and games moving into there.
Its a nice 2 bed house round the corner from my mum so its a touch that i havent gone too far.

Main reason for this post is to ask all you lovely bloggers out there to vote for my beautiful princess in the tommy tippee baby face comp. You do have to have a facebook account to be able to vote, but if you could i would be very grateful.

If you click here and cast your vote i will be very grateful.

I will update soon on how bump 2 is going, and how my lil princesses 1st birthday went, as soon as i get a spare 5 mins.

Love hugs and sparkles to all.