Sunday, 30 May 2010

Update on Daisy-ann

Morning all,

Sorry i not posted all week, but i have been a busy girl, busy being mum! Thats right Daisy-Ann is home, she came home monday evening, so i have been enjoying motherhood. It still feels weird, that my little girl is almost 2 weeks old, that she isnt in my belly anymore.

So back to monday, me and mum went to the hospital to see Daisy-ann, we got speaking to her nurse, Diane, and she was saying she cant see why she couldnt come home with us that afternoon, but she said that we needed to speak to the doctor, who was already in the process of doing her rounds.
So we sat and waited, and finally doc got to us, she said that all babys results have come back ok, and she has finished her antibiotics, so she dont see why she cant come home in the next couple of days! With this answer i was extremelly confused. So i spoke to the sister, who had come over to check we was going home, i told her what the doc said and she said ok, she is only the registar, so i am going to go over her head and speak to the consultant. About 30 mins later the consultant came to see me, he was asking how i was in my health and how i thought Daisy-ann was doing. He then said that we could take her home. I couldnt believe it, i was finally going to take my baby home.
It was a weird drive home that evening, i was so paranoid that i was now taking my little baby home, she was actually going to be sleeping in with me, at home. I was excited, scared, nervous all rolled into one.

Tuesday the midwife came to see me, she was not impressed that i had been discharged from hospital with a hb level of 7.7, so she made a few calls and got me to go and have a urgent blood test. She explained that my blood level was so low that i was entitled to a blood transfusion, she also explained that this is the reason i was so weak and faint etc. So i was instructed to try and rest as much as possible.

Wednesday the health visitor came to visit, she weighed baby and she has put on 3 ozs in the past week, i was amazed, she was loosing so much at first cos she wasnt feeding due to her kidneys.

So she has been home almost a week, and i can say now that i am loving being a mum. I am so lucky to have a wonderful mum of my own, who has been my rock throughout the whole of this, she makes me sleep during day cos i end up so flaked that i cant do anything.

Thanks all for the words of support, and cards and fat book that i have received.

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Welcome Daisy-Ann

Evening all,

Well my little angel finally arrived at 14:54pm on the 17th May 2010.
labour started at 2:45 sunday morning, that was after 2 tablets, but it not known as active labour til u r 4 cm dialated. 3rd tab given and labour came thick and fast. by 2pm monday i was fully dialated. they started me pushing about 2.30pm, her head crowned fine, but then doc screamed, we need to get this baby out NOW, her heart rate had dropped to 40 from 170, with that i dont remember much more until i see her out and taken away to the corner of the room, she was being ressuitated (sp) her cord had been tight around her throat and she had pooed in my womb and swallowed some, prob is poo is very toxic. whilst they was all sorting baby out doc was screaming again she needs help, mum tells me that was cos i was pumping blood everywhere, doc was worried she was going to lose me. finally help came and i was being fixed, i dont remember any of that all i remember doing is screaming why aint my baby crying, why cant i hold her. (sorry lots of tears as i am typing this )
she was then rushed away from the room.
doc stitched me up, and made sure i was comfortable. they removed epidural but i couldnt go see my baby, finally 6 hours later i was allowed to go they did let me try 2 hours before but i got rushed back cos i was throwing up.
everyday since she has improved, she gets stronger.
She is now feeding every 4 hours on her own, and has managed to gain weight. She finishes her antibiotics tomorrow so hopefully she will be home then. If not it will be tuesday.

Here are some piccies:

Thanks for looking.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Final post from me for a while!

Afternoon all,

Well still no sign of my little angel showing her face, maybe it shouldnt be angel it should be

Wednesday night we thought i was going to be going hospital as i had a few contractions, went to bed half expecting my waters to break in the night, but no nothing.
So yesterday I went for a nice long walk with Darren, we then came back home and Darren went off to work and me and mum popped to asda. Whilst in asda the contractions started again, this time a lot more painful, very embarrassing whilst walking around a shop whilst it is
By the time we got home they had stopped, and i havent had anything more since, so looks like i will be getting induced tomorrow.

Plan is to get up at 7am, shower and ready to call hospital for 8am, then wait to see if/when they have a bed for me to go in.

So the next post from me should be piccies of my little baby.

Thanks for the words of support over the past 9 months.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

40+6 and still no sign of baby

Afternoon all,

I hope you are all well.

Well i thought i would do a quick update to let you know there is still no sign of the baby. I havent even had any pains or twinges. I am getting very big now, and i am honestly dreading how big this little one is going to be when i do finally give birth. I mean if at the growth scan over a month ago she weighed over 7lb then, she is going to be massive when i give birth.

I have tried fresh pineapple, red rasberry leaf tea, walking, spicy food, hot bath and not a thing has worked. I am getting so frustrated now as i had a couple of friends who were due on or around the same time as me and they have all had their babiesw already. I am the only one who is overdue and still no signs of her. I know everyone says she wont come til she is ready but surely she must be cooked enough now?

I have been crafting but no piccies to show as of yet. I have been busy making baby announcement cards, they are coming on really well actually and i am really pleased with them. Actually i think i will carry on colouring the images.

Well thanks for looking.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

New home card!

Morning all,

My friend Emma moved into her flat a couple of weeks back, i made and posted her a card but forgot to add piccie here.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy Birthday Emma

Morning all,

I wanted to wish one of my best friends a very happy birthday for today. Emma i hope you have a fabby day.

Here is a piccie of her birthday card i made.

I have made her a pressie but i cant put that on here just yet as i still havent managed to give it to her.

So Emma, have a fabby day hun, you deserve it.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Due date been and gone, still no baby!

Morning all,

I should have updated this on Wednesday but I was too exhausted to do much at all. Then yesterday i over did it, went out shopping and came home feeling exhausted.

So, Wednesday i went to the hospital where i had an appointment with the doctor, my appointment was at 9:15 am, yet i didnt get called in til gone 10am, so i went in with the hump already.
The doctor wasnt the normal one i see, he was a registar, and he was a complete and utter a###hole. I knew i was going to be offered a membrane sweep but i had already spoken to my midwife a few weeks back explaining that i didnt want one unless it was 100% needed, she explained it wasnt it was my choice. I explained to him that i didnt want it done, yet for the next 10 mins he kept on and on and on at me telling me i should have it done blah blah blah. I still stood my ground and refused.
He then tells me that because i am overweight, i am going to have trouble giving birth. He says that cos of my size i will have trouble pushing babies shoulders out. Talk about make you feel down, thing is this doctor is meant to be a doctor dealing with depression in pregnancy, yet i came out of his room in a complete state.

I was passed over to a midwife who was to book me in to be induced. By the time we got to her room i was a wreak, crying my eyes out. She was brilliant and spent the next 40 mins or so calming me down, she has even said she will put in a complaint as that doctor should not have spoken to me the way he did.
So next step was to book me in to be induced, this has been booked for Saturday 15th May, so i now have a date on when i will be started off and hopefully, if she dont arrive sooner, i should have her in my arms not long after.
Obviously i would rather go into labour naturally but the way its looking, this little baby is too warm and comfortable in my belly that she has no reason to want to come out yet, so she may need a bit of gentle

Yesterday mum took another updated piccie of my bump, so this piccie is showing me at 40 + 1.

I cant believe how big i am now, i have even had strangers asking me when i am due. So much for me worrying that i wont look pregnant :).

Thanks for looking.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Buba Ticker :)

new baby

This will stay at the top until my lil buba is here, so please scroll down for newer posts :)

Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Get well soon card for Gina

Hey all,

I have actually been crafting a little bit lately, i havent been able to post on here though as i need to wait until the recipient receives them.

This was a get well soon card for a dear friend of mine Gina, she has been poorly and i wanted to make something to cheer her up.
The decoupage was free with a craft magazine, they are called bently bear, so lovely to cut out, and also so cute.

I am still sending continued sparkles to gina and i hope she has a speedy recovery soon.

Thanks for looking.