Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas Star book

Well this is my last christmas card for the year. This is for a bloke at work to give to his girlfriend. He said he needed a special card, something different as he didnt get her a card for her birthday.
Do you think he will like it?

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Secret Project - Emmas Calender

Ok, i have mentioned a few times over the past few weeks about the secret project i was making for my friend Emma, well I gave it to her this evening so i am now able to show the piccies.

She is over the moon with it. So that has made my day thats for sure.
Hope you like it.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Week 2 at slimming world

Just a quick update as i had my second weigh in today at slimming world. I have lost another 3lb. So that makes a total loss of 1 stone and 11lb. Only another 3lb to go then I have lost 2 stone.
Mum lost 2.5lb lst week, and she has also lost another 3lb this week. She went doctors today and he said that she has lost 10kgs since september, not that she was trying to lose weight until last week.
So all in all the weight front we are doing really well.
Hopefully I can do another 3lb this week for my 2 stone by christmas. Fingers crossed!.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Planet Hire Night out!

went out with work friends friday night to brannigans in romford. Was a really good night. Ended up a bit
Piccies - Nicola, Nick, Craig, Marc, Chris, Ric, and Me :o)

7 new tilda christmas cards

Had a chance to test out my new eyes today and managed to get 7 cards made.
Tilda christmas images, dcwv paper pack, and christmas greetings.

hope you like them.

Stash Photo for Sue!

Well i went stash buying few weeks ago and forgot to upload this piccie i took specially for sue. Hope i make you

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Laser Eye Surgery

Well today is my first day glasses free, and trust me it is a whole new world with out glasses.
I had my surgery done yesterday at about 3.15pm at Optical Express in Lakeside shopping centre. I would definatly recommend that anyone who has been thinking about it get it done.
It doesnt hurt when they are doing it, but when you come out your yes are streaming with tears, and you find it very hard to keep your eyes open for a good few hours. So that is uncomfortable.
Today I cant get over how clear everything is. I can read things I couldnt read even with my glasses on - it is truly amazing.
My eyes are a bit swollen today but i think that is to do with the wonderful goggles you have to wear to bed for the first week. They are to stop you from scratching or poking your eye, even though they dont look that
Will update daily on how the vision improves, i cant wait :o)


Weight loss slimming world week one (week 5 dieting)

I know I havent blogged in a while, but i have been so busy i havent really had time. Well i changed from cambridge diet to slimming world just over a week ago, and i had my first weigh in on Monday just gone. Unfortunalty my counseller forgot to write down my weight, so we didnt know how much i lost. So using my brain (yes it did hurt) i called my cambridge counsellor asking her my weight from 2 weeks previously. Working it out from that, i lost another 6lb. So my total weight loss is now 1 Stone and 8Lb. As you can imagine, i am so happy and pleased with myself. Its amazing.
I must admit i have found slimming world a bit hard this week as i have gone from doing a diet that consists of shakes, soups and porridge to being able to eat as much free food as i like. My stomach just cant handle it. So i am doing it at my own pace, i dont want to stretch my stomach aain anyway, i dont want to be big anymore si i need to stick to it. I feel like I am in a different frame of mind. I feel determined. So this time next year I am hoping I will be half the woman I am today :o)