Thursday, 6 November 2008

Excepted the offer!

Morning, a bit early for me to be posting I know, but I didnt get a chance to blog last night as i had a banging head. I have decided to accept one of the offers that have been made for grandads bungalow, it is a lot less than i wanted for it, but i do have to put things in perspective. If i leave it any longer then the bungalow will deteriate more, and then the value of it will decrease. So accepting what i did seems the right thing to do.
Hopefully all will be done by Christmas, as the buyer whats completion by then.

Well it is day 3 on the cambridge diet. Yesterday was very hard for me. I was struggling relly bad. I wanted to eat, it wasnt that i was hungry as i wasnt, the shakes have food surpresants in them so it kills the hungar, but i just wanted food. For dinner last night i tried one of their porridges, and i was pleasantly surprised with how good it was. I read on their website yesterday that you can flavour them using the shakes, so thats what i did. I made up the porridge and added a teaspoon full of the fruits of the forest shake to it and mixed it in. Oh my was it tasty. I need to go to my counsellor now to buy some

Suppose i need to get on with some work, i think thats what they pay me to

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