Friday, 27 March 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers day last weekend, i knew i had to make mum a special card as since i have been card making she has never received a handmade card from me, that is bad isnt it. :o(
Ok, so here is what I came up with. I am not ove pleased with it, but considering the time I had it had to do.

She said she loved it, so thats a bonus :o)
Especially being that i wasnt there for mothers day, as i was on the booze that weekend in butlins. So Mum just so you know, love you loads. Mwah xxxx

Thanks for looking.

Friendship card - March swap

As always i joined the friendship swap for March on the Docrafts website.
I decided to try one of the clutter ranges. I am pleased with the outcome of this.

I do hope my partner for this month liked the card.
Thanks for looking.

Birthday cards for Lesley (Dragon Lady) & Sue (Sue Bubbles)

Over on docrafts we had 2 special birthdays this week, it was Lesleys on Sunday 22nd, and Sues yesterday, 26th.
I used My Daisy and Pickle Decoupage again and came up with these cards. On one card i used Thickers for the 50, and on the other i used some wonderful stickers, not sure the make of them, but i will def have to get more.

Thanks for looking.

More Birthday cards for Toni

Not only did i need to make birthday card for Toni from me, I also neded to make one each from my mum and sister.
I purchased the new Daisy & Dandelion decoupage pack, Daisy & Pickle, so i decided to use this to make the 2 additional cards for Toni.
These packs are so easy to work with, and i love the effect of the cards.
What do you think?

Thanks for looking

Exploding handbag for Toni

It was one of my bet friends birthdays last week (16th March) so i wanted to make her a very special card from me. She has a thing for handbags, i mean the girl must have hundreds, so it seemed appropriate for me to make her a handbag card. I see a lovely template for an exploding box in pinnacle crafts shop which is Barleylands in Billericay. And here is what I came up with.

I am pleased with the outcome, and i think Toni was too.
I couldnt put this on earlier as Toni would have peaked and seen it before i gave it to
Thanks for looking

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Warning re E & L Insurance - The Animal Society Ltd

Morning all,
I just wanted to warn people who have pet insurance out with E & L.
I have had my insurance with them for over a year, think they are rubbish in general as i am still waiting to be paid out for a claim that goes back to november regarding an operation my dog had to have.
That isnt why i am writing this post.
This morning i was checking my bank account as i do most days, but for some reason i wanted to have a look at what DD's i have set up. When i went into the DD list i noticed one which i didnt recognise, one for The Animal Society Ltd. I called barclays to find out more info. They informed me that I had set up this DD 2 days ago. I informed him i hadnt i didnt have a clue who they were or why I have got a DD set up. He was adamant that i had set this up. In the end he cancelled it for me (even if i hadnt i would have done it on line) i decided to google search the company, nothing came up. I google searched again but added direct debit at the end and this is a link to what i came up with this
I did no more as to call up E & L insurance, the woman says well you should have opted out of this when you took out the policy. I explained to her i took the policy out a year ago and i did opt out of everything, this DD is new and only just been set up. Her words to me were, i know this is very immoral, and i dont agree with it!

So to anyone out there who has insurance with E & L please check your bank accounts. If they have taken any moeny call customer services and demand a refund. I was offered a refund but fortunatly for me no money had been taken.

Sorry to waffle, just want to make sure no one else gets caught out.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Blanket by my mum.

I think being creative runs in the family.
Mum crocheted this beautiful blanket for my sisters friend who is expecting her baby at the end of the month.
I thought I would put it on my blog as i am so proud of my mums ok (plus she is shy)
So mum, just so you know, i love you to bits and i think you make the most beautiful blankets. xxxxx

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Stash buys

I have been having a fab spend up spree.
I bought the above from carolinez crafts, and i am well pleased with them. I have also been ordering paper from here there and everywhere.
My best buy is this some new storage for my shed.
I cant wait for it to be delivered thats for sure.

Thanks for reading.

Anniversary Card

Mum asked me to make a special anniversary card for our neighbour, but she wanted something different to what i normally make.
Here is what i came up with.


Crochet Bookmarks - for ginas fortnightly challenge

I have been a naughty blogger and not updated in a while. I am sorry. I just havent been able to craft as i have been very busy - partying too

Well i am lucky enough not to be on ginas hit list this fortnight as i managed to crochet 2 bookmarks.