Wednesday, 26 November 2008

New Addition to our family.

After much talking and alot of debating we decided to sell our cocker spaniels. They were just to boustrous for us. Being that mum is at home on her own it isnt fair on her as she is the one who has to look after them day in day out. Due to her disabilities, as well as her dodgy heart i was worried that they could do her some damage. We sold JJ to a lovely lady called Michelle from Kent, and we then sold Lou Lou to a wonderful ladie called Debbie in Herts. Debbie has been kind enough to stay in touch, she texts me and emails me every few days, so that is really nice.

After Sheppeys op we was told we wasnt allowed to breed him, which is what we wanted to do, so again after a lot of talking we decided to buy another shih tzu. I looked on epupz and found a lady selling 6 of them in Noak Hill, not to far away, so last saturday we went there and we fell in love. He is 8 weeks old, and we have called him scrapy. He is the sweetest thing. (apart from my sheppey of course.)

So, meet Scrapy. xx

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Anonymous said...

oh he is gorgeous!!!! i bet he is very spoilt. how do you leave him behind everyday to go to work, i dont know. i would want to be having a cuddle all the time. gina xxxxxx