Friday, 29 May 2009

Scrummy Chocolate Fudgecake - Home made

Morning all,

Thank god its friday, another week almost to a close. I hope the week hasnt been too stressful for you all.

Ok, Darren was grovelling the other day to mum, so asked his sister very nicely if she would bake my mum a chocolate fudge cake. Now as you all know we are on diets so in theory the fudge cake should never have gotten through the door. Well when we went to Darrens nans to pick up the cake i couldnt believe my eyes, so i just had to grab a piccie of it before it got demolished.

Now doesnt this look lovely? the chunk which has been taken out was for Sam, Darrens sister. She said she wanted a slice, so Darren cut her a doorstop. Hasten to add that it was actually Darrens dad who ate most of it as it was too sweet for Sam.

Now, this was taken home on Wednesday evening. Where, after dinner, we all had a slice. I had a small slice, as it was too irresistable not to taste it plus would have been rude. I can def add that it was a delicious as it looks, better even. It was the best fudge cake i have ever eaten.

So off to work i went yesterday, to get a text from mum - OMG i have just had another 2 slices of this cake, you shouldnt have left it

So Sam, thank you so much for this scrummy cake, maybe this week i will now lose more at slimming world than

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Piccie in newspaper :o)

As promised, copy of the picture in the echo newspaper.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

New Home Card

Hello for the last time

Ok, so all these cards are what I was busy making on Monday.
This final card is again for Jenni, who is a friend over on docrafts. She has moved into her new home, so i wanted to send her a card.

Image was one I received from one of the image swaps. This time i coloured it with my new pencils (cant remember what make they are I cut the image out using my nestablities, paper, buttons and ribbon all from stash.
Hope you like it, and i hope she does too.
I am pleased with how my cards are coming out lately as I felt they were all looking samey.

Thanks for looking.

Happy Birthday Jenni for Friday 29th May

Hello yet again :o)

I am getting a bit carried away here with all these posts
Ok, one of the girls on docrafts has her birthday on Friday. So i made her the following card.

Image was kindly sent to me back in the days when we were allowed to do image swaps, i coloured this with my wh smiths watercolour pencils. I put glossy accents on the icing part of the cake to make it stand out. The paper etc was all bits i found in my stash. I hope she likes it.

Thanks for looking.

Sympathy Card

Hi again :o)

One of my friends lost her dad over the bank holiday weekend, and i wanted to make her a card just so she knows she is in my thoughts.

It is just a simple card, embossed with my cuttlebug, flowers from artificial flowers i got from range, ribbon, brads and peel offs from stash.
Thanks for looking.


Bank holiday weekend & New hair cut

Morning all,
Again i have been a bad blogger and not posted for a while. I do apologise, but I had a very busy weekend. Saturday morning I got up and went shopping at Barleylands, popped into Sugar and Spice to confirm the date for my next course (off the page) which i am doing in july. I also popped into Pinnacle Crafts as they had a members sale, with 30% off. Both shops are run by lovley people who are willing to help you out as much as they can. Didn buy much just a few magazines, as i have been really naughty and ordered loads off line this past week.
Then when we got back Darren had to replace the brakes on mums car. Then Sunday I went to the Southend air show with Darren and his family. Was a really nice day, until i got a migraine. We left at 3pm, but we did have our piccie taken and it was in the Basildon Echo on Monday. I havent seen the picture yet, but once i got it i will upload to here.
Then Monday i popped to Lakeside shopping, and then had my hair cut. I hate my hair cut. :o(

Actually thats a lie, i dont hate it, i am just very unsure as i have never had my hair this short before. :o(.
What do you think?

Thanks for looking.


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Syn free quiche

Ok, So as you all know I am back on the diet again. My problem with eating is more when i am at work. I find that i need to snack during the day.
So, yesterday I had a look on Slimming World website to see if i could find some ideas for syn free snacks. I know fruit, veg and muller light yoghurts are all syn free, but you an only eat so much of them without getting bored.
Whilst here i found a receipe for a syn free quiche. So i decided to have a go at making this last night.

This is how it came out. Well this is only a bit of it, as I have eaten some aleady, and I have some in the fridge at home for snacking on.
All it contains is 3 eggs, 227g natural low fat cottage cheese, mixed herbs, half a red pepper, and a few slices of lean ham chopped up.
It tastes scrummy. :o)

Thanks for looking.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Getting back on track

Morning all,

Well I had my first weigh in last night, i havent been to slimming world for about 5 weeks. I thought i had put on over a stone because of the amount of crap i have eaten, what with being on holiday for 2 weeks too. I put on 9lb, still bad but no where near as bad as i had been expecting.
So today is the first day of the rest of my I mean i have a wedding to look to now, and there is no way am i getting married looking like the fat chunder i look like now.
So, here we go. I have been very good so far, but then it is only The mistake I was making last time was i was eating too many carbs, i would have toast or cereal for brekkie, then sandwich for lunch then dinner. So i was feeling bloated all the time. This time round I am going to get into the habit of eating fruit for breakfast. So this morning I have had a plum, satsuma and a muller light.

Going to need all the support i can get, so if anyone has any receipes for slimming world, please feel free to pass them onto me, i would be very grateful.

Not been very crafty for the past few weeks either, i think that has a lot to do with time, i dont seem to have enugh hours in a day to get out to the shed. Hopefully this bank holiday weekend will give me some me time out there, even though me and Darren might be popping to southend airshow over the weekend.

Ok, well i feel i have waffled enough

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, 17 May 2009

Christmas Fortnight Challenge 16/5/09

Managed to get my pressie done for this fortnights challenge.
Clipboard, covered in doodlebug papers, inked up with the cats eye inks, added some papermania felt and a couple of flowers and brads from stash.
I am really pleased with how it looks.

Thanks for looking.

Busy weekend

Evening all,
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.
Mine has been very busy. Darren did a service on my car yesterday then we went shopping. We then went out last night for a few drinks with friends to celebrate our engagement.

Me and Darren, how good do we look together? lol

Me and Emma :o)

Now i must admit i love this piccie of me, i hate having pictures done but this is fabby. Thanks Emma for being the crazy camera woman, you have got some wicked piccies.

Then today Darren was doing service on mums car when he came across a problem, so we went to his dads friends house and he managed to fix it for us. Then had to go to work to clear up some bits. Finally managed to get journal done and ready to post to Alyson even though it is a tad bit late. Sorry Alyson, you are a gem for being so patient with me.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

My Surprise!

Well Monday night after i had returned from my holiday Darren said he wanted to take me and mum to the Dragon Inn in Rainham for dinner, this is my fav resaurant and the whole time i was away all i could think about was having chinese :o) so i was obviously keen to go. lol
Darren was looking a bit sick so i asked what was wrong. When he said nothing i knew then that something was going on. At the end of the meal he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes!

Thanks for looking.


Tunisia 2009 photos

Ok here is a slideshow showing some random piccies from our holiday.
The weather was lovely, and the complex is still as lovely as last
I think this is my last time here though as i have already been 4 times in 2 years, somewhere new me thinks :O)

Thanks for looking


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Im back!

Hey all, sorry i have deserted you for the past 2 weeks. I have been sunning myself in tunisia. :o)

This is just a quick one to let you know where i have been, i will update later today or tomorrow with pictures and all the gossip.