Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Do i accept the offer?

Well, today has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me. My grandads bungalow has been on the market for 8 months, and no interest in it at all. This afternoon i got a call from my solicitor to let me know that someone has put in an offer, but the offer is a lot lot less than the asking price. First instinct was no way, and i told her that too. I came off the phone called mum, and also had a chat with one of my directors. I have to look at things logically and realistically. The house prices have dropped dramatically over the past year which means straight away i have lost money on the bungalow. The kitchen and bathroom need to be redone, stripped and start a fresh as they are in a bad way, so again i need to allow loss on that. I have since been advised that the bungalow will possibly need to be rewired as the electrics are not to scratch. So again more money lost. So i made the decision to call the estate agent and let them know i want 20k more than they are offering, he didnt seem very optomistc. He had a second viewing this afternoon, who he thought may be a waste of time, but he still went. He said when he returns he will contact the first people to let them know my offer. He called just before 5 to let me know he has told the first couple and they said they want to sleep on it, he then dropped the bombshell - the 2nd viewing have also put in an offer, 10k more than the first couple. Even though it is a lot less than the original asking price i think i need to look at this properly, and i am really considering accepting. I will wait and see what the first couple come back with in the morning then make a concrete desision then.

Managed to get out into the shed tonight, so that was a touch. I have managed to get the base of the dovecote made, and the actual dovecote is cut etc and being left to dry. Hopefully i can finish it tomorrow, just waiting for the acetate to arrive for the box. I have also got my next project in mind, which just thinking about it makes me excited with anticipation.

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