Friday, 14 November 2008

My Little Baby.

I havent blogged this week as for me it has been a terrible week. Too much stress has happened and to be honest, i am glad it is friday.
Sunday Sheppey had his operation and we took him home in the afternoon. He wasnt good though, kept crying in pain. He had me up until 2.30am, then mum took over so i could get some sleep before work. Monday we just kept plying him with his tablets, then tuesday his eye started bleeding. So i rushed him back down the vets. The vet looked and said that is isnt looking good, it looks like the op hasnt worked. He said we had to leave it for the 10 days though before they could check. So again we took him home. The poor baby was constantly crying. Wednesday he seemed a bit better, still very dopey but that was cos of all the pain killers etc that he had. When i got home from work mum and Leighann were trying to bath the eye, next thing i know they scream, the stitch had come undone and his eye was hanging out. In that split second sheppy stopped crying and started running around tail wagging, he seemed so much happier. Again i rushed him to the vets. The vey took one look at the eye and said it needs to come out. It has popped, and there is nothing we can do for it. We found out that it was glaucoma that he had, that causes pressure behind the which causes it to pop. He said i could take him home and bring him back in the morning, but i didnt think it would be fair taking him home with 4 other dogs at home. I was scared that they would tear his eye out. The vet said he could stay there for the evening and they would do the operation first thing in the morning.
Wednesday night was horrible, all we kept doing was looking for him, our youngest shih tzu Elle was fretting for him big time. Kept crying, and wouldnt eat.
Yesterday at 10ish the vet called to let me know that they had done the op and all had gone well. She said that we couldnt bring him home though as he was on a drip. I asked if i could go see him though, she said yeah no probs leave it til pm though.
So as i was getting ready to leave work at 12.30 my phone goes again, it was the vet. My stomach sunk. It was good news, he had come out the anaesthetic, and wasnt distressed so we could bring him home. I had to leave it til 4pm though.
So at 4pm we went to the vets, and sat waiting. We waited for an hour before the vet came out and got us. Whilst we was waiting we could hear him barking in the kennels, that made us feel better as he hadnt barked all week.
When they bought him out to us, i could have cried, not cos he has lost his eye, but because i could see him, cos i could hug him.
He is doing very well. He doesnt seem to be in much pain, he is eating drinking and running about. If you are in his way then he rams you with the lampshade around his


sue-bubbles said...

Lots of gentle cuddles and sparkles for Sheppey!
Sue x

Pink Diamond Workshop said...

oh my goodness i was in tears reading this, glad he is on the mend and pain free now.