Friday, 30 January 2009

Doggie Photoshoot

Over on docrafts Jenni has been asking me for a new picture of our baby scrappy. So yesterday, during my lunch hour i decided to try and get some piccies of him and the other 2.
Though I would add them to my blog just to add some cuteness to the

Aint they sweet?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Valentine Card

Hey all, i managed to get out to the shed tonight and put together the following card. I got the templates for this from here where i have subscribed to sara's on line magazine which i must add is fab. Thanks Sara for the lovely ideas you publish for us.
would be grateful to know what people think of it :o)

I have been tagged!

I have had my first tag, wow thanks Clarky J, check out her blog here
So the idea is to go to the 6th album and 6th picture on your comp and explain:

ok so this is the piccie, this was taken when a crowd of us from work went out for a chinese kareoke night at the shanghi in romford. One of the girls who i worked with had a habit of taking my camera and taking random photos, this happened to be one of them She is mad about chinese food and i think this night she was a bit mad about prawn crackers. All in all was a good night.

Ok now who to tag, need to tag 6 people, not really been blogging for that long, so not sure who to pick:-

Have fun girls.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

First attempt at crochet

Wasnt feeling much in the crafting mood today, after yesterdays headache i didnt fancy prompting another so i decided to just chill out. My friend Emma popped over as i had sorted some bits out for her, and she had a nose at my shed. Been friends for years, but she hadnt actually seen my shed in person. Jenni over on DC has nicknamed it my 'craft cabin' lol.
So feeling a bit creative i thought i would have a go at crochet, i bought the wool and needle a few weeks back, along with knitting needles too. Knitting didnt catch on, maybe i will go back and have another go. So i thought lets try crochet.
I had a look on you tube and found this link, and thought yeah that looks simple enough. So i had a go. The first attempt was too tight, so i cut it and started again, and this is what we have so far:-

I am really pleased with it, i need to get a bigger needle though as using the needle i got it doesnt show the shell pattern as good as it should, but hey it is my first attempt :o)

Cosmo Cricket Cube

Well the past few days i have been in my shed happily crafting which makes a nice change.
I managed to use up my cosmo cricket cube, decided to make it for mum. Who i must add is over the moon with it.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

More Christmas Cards

Well today has definatly been a productive day. First i managed to sort out part of the shed (see post below), i managed to make 3 cards whilst doing that. Next I managed to make a scrap book LO (see other post below) I even managed to clear my desk to give me space to work:-

See i can actually work on the whole table, not only the corner of it balancing on
I then even managed to put together another 2 Christmas cards. Therefore i already have 9 christmas cards ready for 2009. How cool is that?

So thanks Gina for setting the challenge as i now have made more than i did last

CC's Challenge to use up old kits

Ok over on cc's blog (dont know how to add link, but it is on the right hand side) she said that she found an old kit and used it, and set the challenge for us to use up old kits.
Ok i know the Cosmo Cricket kit isnt old, but it is a kit i bought (one in each color at that) that i hadnt even taken out of the boxes. So, when i decided i wanted to do a scrapbook layout of myself, showing the new person i have become after laser eye surgery and weight loss, what better kit to use than my cosmo cricket.
Here is the layout i managed to do. I dont have any faith in any of my work, but i can honestly say i am over the moon with this page.

The only extra added to this was the brads, they were doodlebug, as the brads in the kit were too big. I also used crackle accent on the word ME, you cant see it that clearly thats because the light was poo and also because it hadnt dried, but i could resist taking a

Some more christmas 2009 cards

Managed to make 3 of these cards for ginas christmas challenge over on do crafts. 7 christmas cards made already.

Craft shed tidy up

ok, this is a before picture of one corner of my craft shed, it was getting a little bit out of hand so today i decided (with the help of gina on docrafts) to start rearranging the shed and getting into some kind of order.

this is the after pic. mum thinks its still very messy but i think it is a great improvement. what do you think?


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Christmas cards for 2009

There was a few of us on the scrapbook forum who was naughty and didnt get as much made for christmas as we would have liked to. So one of out lovely friends, Gina aka Mrs TSV has decided to knock us into shape and said that we need to make something once a fortnight for our christmas 2009 box, i will re word that, she actually asked if we would like to join in, so of course i accepted as i was poo this year.
So today i managed to make 4 christmas cards, am just hoping that she will let me off if i have a bad fortnight throughout the

Friendship Card

Over on do crafts, once a month caroljenks organises a friendship swap where we get paired up and get to make a card which we send to someone, and in turn we receive a card back. Its a good way to make new friends and also to actually receive hand made cards.
Heres my card for the January swap.

Ribbon Storage

We was talking the other day on do crafts about how we store our ribbons. Well for my birthday my friend put my pressies in a gift box, so i decided to use my cropadile and make holes in it, put in some eyelets and threaded through the ribbon - voila instant ribbon storgage.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Birthday card for Kay!

Well it was a friend who i met through docrafts birthday new years eve and i wanted to send her a card. I managed to make and post the card but like a donut i forgot to take piccies. ANy way she received it this morning, but didnt realise how it opened so put out a search for the maker, luckily some other ladies on there knew my name and pointed her in the right direction, and in that time she managed to open the card and find out it was from - see kay i said you was blonde.
She kindly took piccies and sent them to me, so what do you think?

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to add a quick post to wish you all a very happy new year.
I have been out to Romford this evening was hoping to have gotten drunk, didnt go to
few piccies below:-

this is me!

this is my lil sister Leighann to the left, and her friend gemma.

Once again, Happy New Year!