Sunday, 16 August 2009

Wedding Accordian book in a box

Afternon all,

Well i have been very busy crafting this weekend, and trust me I have loved every second of it. Just need to keep the ideas coming and who knows i may even get some more done. First though I thought I better update my blog being that I have been such a bad blogger.

Here are the piccies of the box:

The plan is that i will go to the wedding on saturday, take piccies of the wedding, pick the best 6 and go to the shop and have the best 6 printed small, stick them in the album then give it to them as a gift at the evening receiption. Mmm, lets just hope i remember my camera. Feel free to leave me messages friday to remind

Thanks for looking.


1 comment:

SusieJ said...

Tracy - this is really yummy!
I'm sure they'll love it.
Just don't forget the camera!lol
Sue xx