Friday, 28 August 2009

Our Blue Lobster

Morning all,

Just been going through my photos and I came across this one of our blue lobster. When we bought him a few months back he was only a few centimetres long, now he has trebled in size. This photo isnt even the most recent photo of him, as he has since shed his skin again and got even bigger.

I refuse to my hand in the tank now in case he nips my fingers or

Thanks for looking.


Avril Ann said...

So lovely Tracy, an unusual pet, but I love lobsters.....not to eat mind, I could not bear that....I took loads of pictures in Turkey off lobsters in tanks, my hubby thought I was mad....LOL. Hugs Avril xxx

SusieJ said...

Handsome in his way but def. not as cute as your dogs!
Sue xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh he's so cute tracy, we used to have tropical crabs, I used to love the way they shed they're shells...

maria x

craftattack said...

Lovely lobster, but I think I prefer doggies!!