Thursday, 20 August 2009

Daily Doggie pictures for Val

Morning all,

A friend of mine on docrafts the lovely ValerieJ habeen saying to me that she isnt allowed to have dogs in the apartments she lives in now. So i Kindly offered to try and put daily pictures of our dogs on here for her.

Now, I havent had a chance to snap our little babies at home, but i managed to get a very rare picture of my directors dog, Titan.
He is a 4 month old British Bulldog:-

These piccies were taken today.

Now this was taken when he was 8 weeks old :)

So small and cuddly. I wouldnt try and pick him up now he weighs a

Hope these are ok Val :)

Thanks for looking.


SusieJ said...

What a cutie!
Sue xx

craftattack said...

Thanks Tracy, he is soooooooooo sweet! I very much appreciate that you have put these nice pics on for me! Tell him "woof woof" from me!

jan said...

aah very cute Tracy, Jan x