Monday, 24 August 2009

Album complete with pictures

Morning all,

Yesterday we woke at the hotel, and i had to go and get the pictures printed of the wedding to put into the accordian book. I took the book into the photo shop in buyrights and showed him where i needed the photos to go, can he judge the sizes. I went back 20 mins later and he had printed them and added them to the box and charged me £2.

I am a bit gutted that they wont get to see it until they come back off their honeymoon, but its only til monday.

I am so happy with the outcome, it actually got me teary when i see it finished, i thought wow, i made this.

Thanks for looking.


SusieJ said...

Tracy - it's fabulous! I'm sure they'll love it!
Well done you.
Sue xx

craftattack said...

Lovely pics, and well done that you got that done so quickly!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

you've every right to be proud, it's a lovely book, well done tracy...

maria x