Friday, 21 August 2009

Daily Doggie pictures for Val - Wheres Scrappy?

Morning all,

Yesterday mum tells me she has got a couple of good piccies of our second youngest shih tzu, scrappy. She said she found the other 3 chilling out in the kitchen but scrappy was no where to be seen. That is until she entered the bathroom:-

Scrappy is mad about baths, she said that when she walked in scrappy looked at mum then at the taps and back at mum again. As if to say, come on woman turn the water
We cant even have a shower without him thinking its an invitation for him to get in.

She then got this piccie as he was preparing to jump out.

Hope you like the piccies today Val

Thanks for looking.



SusieJ said...

Scrappy is soooo cute Tracy! Mine runs and hides when it's bathtime!
Sue xx

craftattack said...

What a lovely little dog! My dog used to hate bathing, she only liked dirty, smelly water! Thanks, Tracy