Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Not very happy!

I am not a very happy bunny. I went to grandads bungalow last night so my friend Stewart could try and fix the patio door for me. The journey itself took nearly 2 hours even though it is only an hours drive away. In that time we sat in loads of traffic, and drove though so many different weather conditions. It started off clear, then we hit that heavy rain, then fog, then that horrible fine wet rain which is a pain in the back side as you cant see the car in front of you and we also drove through snow. So all in all the journey was one of all weathers.
When we arrived i pulled up at the garage, straight away you could see where someone had tried to break into the garage, as the padlock bar was more or less hanging off. As i looked more closly i noticed that not only had they broke off the padlock they had also tried to get in the key bit by jamming a screwdriver in it. I am relieved they didnt get in there as that is where my dolls house is, and if that had been damaged i think it would have killed me.
So we got out the car and walked up the back path to the door, at first glance you would think it was all ok, only when you got closer you saw that it was only propped up as a deterant. In i go whilst stewart starts fixing the door, as soon as i walked in i knoew someone had been in the bungalow since i left the weekend before last. When i leave i always close all the doors, to keep the heat in each room. Well everydoor was open. On closer inspection i then notice that the aircon unit which i had left in the front room had gone. This has made me very angry as i left that there until i could get someone in to fill in the big hole in the wall which was made to put the aircon pipe out. The plan was to then take the aircon unit home for me. Now it has gone. I know who must have taken it as there are only a few people with keys to the bungalow.
Rant over, better get on with some

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