Sunday, 19 October 2008


Well I have finally decided to take the plunge and do a blog, this is mostly going to be about my interest in crafting, but i will probably waffle loads to help add to
This weekend has been a manic one for me. Yesterday I went to Broadstairs to show Kevin & Natalie how to manage an accounts book for their driving school they are starting. It was a long day. Fortunately my boss was also going there to fit up some plasma screens at their shop so i managed to blag a lift. All went well and we managed to get the cash book agreeing to the bank statement so all good there.
Today I had to go to my grandads bungalow. You see my nan and grandad both passed away last year, nan in February and Grandad in September, and i was left the executor. So i needed to move a few things about, well mainly my dolls house needed to be moved from the next door neighbours house to my grandads garage, as i don't have room for it in my craft shed at the moment. After we moved it we then popped to Romford for a lil bit of retail therapy, well if you can all clothes shopping for winter jumpers retail therapy then so be
The plan was to spend the rest of the day sorting out my craft shed. Since i have moved all my craft bits out there i haven't managed to get them into any kind of order, so that was the plan. I had ordered some storage boxes from Arty Miss and thought it was time i used them. I started to sort the shed out, then mum called me in for dinner, then i couldn't be bothered to go Oh well another day tomorrow, well another evening i guess.
I should really be in bed, but you know when you have had one of them weekends, even though you feel shattered when you get to bed you just cant drift off. So i decided to come and make a lemsip to help with my cough cold etc, and check my emails. Then i decided to start this blog.
Is it a mistake i can hear myself thinking. Well i don't know the answer to that just yet as this is only my first
Plan for this week craft wise - i need to make and send a card with images to 2 lovely ladies on the docrafts website, as well as a friendship card for the swap. I have been naughty and fallen behind with these since my holiday. I also need to get my backside in gear and get my sisters birthday pressie finished for her 21st which is only 11 days away. omg, i got problems there. i need to make her birthday card from me and mum also wants me to make her one from her.
Looks like i got my work cut out for me, as i also have some commission cards to make as well.
Well i am gonna disappear now.
Be back soon.

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