Sunday, 26 October 2008

Another weekend

Well i have been a bit quiet as i havent been up to much really. The cough and cold has eased up loads now, and i am honeslty still feeling shattered. that could be a number of reasons though.
Yesterday i had to work a compulsory 3 hours in the office, when i got a call from my neighbour who lives next door to grandads bungalow. He called to let me know that someone had tried breaking in. Talk about a shock to the system. Well it turns out that who ever it was didnt manage to get into the bungalow, just managed to bugger up the patio door, taking it off its runner, and they broke the padlock off the garage. So am not a happy bunny. There isnt much that can be done though as we have no idea when it was done.
Today i managed to finish the star book that mum asked me to make for my sisters 21st which is thursday. So that was a result. I havent managed to finish her scrapbook though, so looks like that will be a xmas pressie, if i can get it done in
Catch ya soon.

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