Sunday, 23 May 2010

Welcome Daisy-Ann

Evening all,

Well my little angel finally arrived at 14:54pm on the 17th May 2010.
labour started at 2:45 sunday morning, that was after 2 tablets, but it not known as active labour til u r 4 cm dialated. 3rd tab given and labour came thick and fast. by 2pm monday i was fully dialated. they started me pushing about 2.30pm, her head crowned fine, but then doc screamed, we need to get this baby out NOW, her heart rate had dropped to 40 from 170, with that i dont remember much more until i see her out and taken away to the corner of the room, she was being ressuitated (sp) her cord had been tight around her throat and she had pooed in my womb and swallowed some, prob is poo is very toxic. whilst they was all sorting baby out doc was screaming again she needs help, mum tells me that was cos i was pumping blood everywhere, doc was worried she was going to lose me. finally help came and i was being fixed, i dont remember any of that all i remember doing is screaming why aint my baby crying, why cant i hold her. (sorry lots of tears as i am typing this )
she was then rushed away from the room.
doc stitched me up, and made sure i was comfortable. they removed epidural but i couldnt go see my baby, finally 6 hours later i was allowed to go they did let me try 2 hours before but i got rushed back cos i was throwing up.
everyday since she has improved, she gets stronger.
She is now feeding every 4 hours on her own, and has managed to gain weight. She finishes her antibiotics tomorrow so hopefully she will be home then. If not it will be tuesday.

Here are some piccies:

Thanks for looking.


sue-bubbles said...

Oh Tracy, Daisy Ann is such a bonny baby, she is just gorgeous, what a proud mummy and daddy you and Darren must be! You make sure that they look after you now sweetie, with you swollen feet and all!
Congratulations to you all, and welcome to the world Daisy Ann!
Sue x

kay said...

congratulations tracy,things can only get better now,xxx

craftattack said...

What a beautiful baby! Congrats, Tracy & Darren! Look after yourself! But you got the birthdate wrong, you wrote April instead of May! Lots of hugs and sparkles!

SusieJ said...

Tracy she is soooooo adorable!
Congratulations to you and Darren and welcome Daisy Ann.
I wish I could give her a cuddle - she is so sweet.
One very proud Grandma there too I see!
Take care of yourself Tracy - she'll soon be home with you.
Hugs and sparkles,
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

congratulations tracy and darren, your proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.
im praying she is home today for you.
and i hope they can sort you out, you both have not had an easy time of it lately.
lots and lots of sparkles for both of you.
hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SueB said...

Oh Tracy, you must be so proud, she is just sooooooo beautiful! You clever gal!
I was so sorry to read you've had such a bad start to your life with Daisy Ann, but she things will get better Tracy.
She is just wonderful, I adore babies and Daisy Ann is just soooo sweet and totally adorable.
A zillion congratulations Tracy.
You're going to make a wonderful Mummy!
Suzie xxxxxx :)

Carole said...

Tracy, she's gorgeous, well worth the wait!
Congratulations to you and Darren!
Carole x

Crafting to stay sane! said...

Congratulations Tracy and Darren,Daisy Ann is beautiful!
Hugs to you all
Alyson x

jeanie g said...

I just read your post with tears in my eyes for your hard time in labour Tracy. So glad she and you are ok now. Welcome to little Daisy Ann, she's a little beauty. jeanieg xx