Sunday, 30 May 2010

Update on Daisy-ann

Morning all,

Sorry i not posted all week, but i have been a busy girl, busy being mum! Thats right Daisy-Ann is home, she came home monday evening, so i have been enjoying motherhood. It still feels weird, that my little girl is almost 2 weeks old, that she isnt in my belly anymore.

So back to monday, me and mum went to the hospital to see Daisy-ann, we got speaking to her nurse, Diane, and she was saying she cant see why she couldnt come home with us that afternoon, but she said that we needed to speak to the doctor, who was already in the process of doing her rounds.
So we sat and waited, and finally doc got to us, she said that all babys results have come back ok, and she has finished her antibiotics, so she dont see why she cant come home in the next couple of days! With this answer i was extremelly confused. So i spoke to the sister, who had come over to check we was going home, i told her what the doc said and she said ok, she is only the registar, so i am going to go over her head and speak to the consultant. About 30 mins later the consultant came to see me, he was asking how i was in my health and how i thought Daisy-ann was doing. He then said that we could take her home. I couldnt believe it, i was finally going to take my baby home.
It was a weird drive home that evening, i was so paranoid that i was now taking my little baby home, she was actually going to be sleeping in with me, at home. I was excited, scared, nervous all rolled into one.

Tuesday the midwife came to see me, she was not impressed that i had been discharged from hospital with a hb level of 7.7, so she made a few calls and got me to go and have a urgent blood test. She explained that my blood level was so low that i was entitled to a blood transfusion, she also explained that this is the reason i was so weak and faint etc. So i was instructed to try and rest as much as possible.

Wednesday the health visitor came to visit, she weighed baby and she has put on 3 ozs in the past week, i was amazed, she was loosing so much at first cos she wasnt feeding due to her kidneys.

So she has been home almost a week, and i can say now that i am loving being a mum. I am so lucky to have a wonderful mum of my own, who has been my rock throughout the whole of this, she makes me sleep during day cos i end up so flaked that i cant do anything.

Thanks all for the words of support, and cards and fat book that i have received.

Thanks for looking.



kay said...

glad to hear you are both doing well,congratulations to you and your family,x

SusieJ said...

Wonderful news Tracy! Being a Mum is just the best isn't it?
Your Mum is right to make you sleep during the day - you need your rest too!
My Mum came and stayed for 3 weeks when I had DS.
It helped so much - you are lucky to have your Mum at hand.
Enjoy these precious moments.
Looking forward to seeing photos of Daisy Ann - she's doing well (and so are you!).
Hugs and sparkles,
Sue xx

tea_bag said...

What good news How wonderful daisy Ann is here now I am looking forward to all your LO's and photos hugs and sparkles alma xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

pleased all is going well tracy, sending you both lots of hugs and sparkles...

enjoy being a mum, they grow up so fast...

maria x