Friday, 7 May 2010

Due date been and gone, still no baby!

Morning all,

I should have updated this on Wednesday but I was too exhausted to do much at all. Then yesterday i over did it, went out shopping and came home feeling exhausted.

So, Wednesday i went to the hospital where i had an appointment with the doctor, my appointment was at 9:15 am, yet i didnt get called in til gone 10am, so i went in with the hump already.
The doctor wasnt the normal one i see, he was a registar, and he was a complete and utter a###hole. I knew i was going to be offered a membrane sweep but i had already spoken to my midwife a few weeks back explaining that i didnt want one unless it was 100% needed, she explained it wasnt it was my choice. I explained to him that i didnt want it done, yet for the next 10 mins he kept on and on and on at me telling me i should have it done blah blah blah. I still stood my ground and refused.
He then tells me that because i am overweight, i am going to have trouble giving birth. He says that cos of my size i will have trouble pushing babies shoulders out. Talk about make you feel down, thing is this doctor is meant to be a doctor dealing with depression in pregnancy, yet i came out of his room in a complete state.

I was passed over to a midwife who was to book me in to be induced. By the time we got to her room i was a wreak, crying my eyes out. She was brilliant and spent the next 40 mins or so calming me down, she has even said she will put in a complaint as that doctor should not have spoken to me the way he did.
So next step was to book me in to be induced, this has been booked for Saturday 15th May, so i now have a date on when i will be started off and hopefully, if she dont arrive sooner, i should have her in my arms not long after.
Obviously i would rather go into labour naturally but the way its looking, this little baby is too warm and comfortable in my belly that she has no reason to want to come out yet, so she may need a bit of gentle

Yesterday mum took another updated piccie of my bump, so this piccie is showing me at 40 + 1.

I cant believe how big i am now, i have even had strangers asking me when i am due. So much for me worrying that i wont look pregnant :).

Thanks for looking.


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SusieJ said...

What a rotten doctor! Ignore him Tracy.
First babies are often late.
At least you now have a date and with any luck Daisy Ann will appear before then anyway!
Just get plenty of rest and don't worry!
Hugs and sparkles for you Tracy (and a gentle nudge for Daisy Ann!).
Sue xx