Thursday, 21 May 2009

Syn free quiche

Ok, So as you all know I am back on the diet again. My problem with eating is more when i am at work. I find that i need to snack during the day.
So, yesterday I had a look on Slimming World website to see if i could find some ideas for syn free snacks. I know fruit, veg and muller light yoghurts are all syn free, but you an only eat so much of them without getting bored.
Whilst here i found a receipe for a syn free quiche. So i decided to have a go at making this last night.

This is how it came out. Well this is only a bit of it, as I have eaten some aleady, and I have some in the fridge at home for snacking on.
All it contains is 3 eggs, 227g natural low fat cottage cheese, mixed herbs, half a red pepper, and a few slices of lean ham chopped up.
It tastes scrummy. :o)

Thanks for looking.



Hi I'm Maria... said...

It looks and sounds yummy tracy...

maria x

SusieJ said...

Tracy this looks really tasty!
Could you send me the recipe please?
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, this looks delish! I used to make a slimming world quiche that had pasta as the base (instead of the pastry) and that was yummy. I'll try and dig it out for you if you're interested.
Good luck (just keep thinking about those gorgeous wedding dresses!)
Carole G xxx

pickle said...

Yumm looks delish xx

Nicole said...

that quiche looks delish.