Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Getting back on track

Morning all,

Well I had my first weigh in last night, i havent been to slimming world for about 5 weeks. I thought i had put on over a stone because of the amount of crap i have eaten, what with being on holiday for 2 weeks too. I put on 9lb, still bad but no where near as bad as i had been expecting.
So today is the first day of the rest of my I mean i have a wedding to look to now, and there is no way am i getting married looking like the fat chunder i look like now.
So, here we go. I have been very good so far, but then it is only The mistake I was making last time was i was eating too many carbs, i would have toast or cereal for brekkie, then sandwich for lunch then dinner. So i was feeling bloated all the time. This time round I am going to get into the habit of eating fruit for breakfast. So this morning I have had a plum, satsuma and a muller light.

Going to need all the support i can get, so if anyone has any receipes for slimming world, please feel free to pass them onto me, i would be very grateful.

Not been very crafty for the past few weeks either, i think that has a lot to do with time, i dont seem to have enugh hours in a day to get out to the shed. Hopefully this bank holiday weekend will give me some me time out there, even though me and Darren might be popping to southend airshow over the weekend.

Ok, well i feel i have waffled enough

Thanks for looking.



Hi I'm Maria... said...

you're get there tracy, you started so well and now you've got something to aim for...good luck...

maria x

pickle said...

Good luck with the diet hun. You can do it!! I struggle with my weight a bit too. Been up and down all my life. My wedding really spurred me on to loose the pounds, infact what with the stress of it all, it just fell off me lol