Friday, 29 May 2009

Scrummy Chocolate Fudgecake - Home made

Morning all,

Thank god its friday, another week almost to a close. I hope the week hasnt been too stressful for you all.

Ok, Darren was grovelling the other day to mum, so asked his sister very nicely if she would bake my mum a chocolate fudge cake. Now as you all know we are on diets so in theory the fudge cake should never have gotten through the door. Well when we went to Darrens nans to pick up the cake i couldnt believe my eyes, so i just had to grab a piccie of it before it got demolished.

Now doesnt this look lovely? the chunk which has been taken out was for Sam, Darrens sister. She said she wanted a slice, so Darren cut her a doorstop. Hasten to add that it was actually Darrens dad who ate most of it as it was too sweet for Sam.

Now, this was taken home on Wednesday evening. Where, after dinner, we all had a slice. I had a small slice, as it was too irresistable not to taste it plus would have been rude. I can def add that it was a delicious as it looks, better even. It was the best fudge cake i have ever eaten.

So off to work i went yesterday, to get a text from mum - OMG i have just had another 2 slices of this cake, you shouldnt have left it

So Sam, thank you so much for this scrummy cake, maybe this week i will now lose more at slimming world than

Thanks for looking.

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SusieJ said...

Tracy!!!!! That cake looks soooo delicious - what I wouldn't give for a slice! You did well only having a small slice!
Sue xx