Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bank holiday weekend & New hair cut

Morning all,
Again i have been a bad blogger and not posted for a while. I do apologise, but I had a very busy weekend. Saturday morning I got up and went shopping at Barleylands, popped into Sugar and Spice to confirm the date for my next course (off the page) which i am doing in july. I also popped into Pinnacle Crafts as they had a members sale, with 30% off. Both shops are run by lovley people who are willing to help you out as much as they can. Didn buy much just a few magazines, as i have been really naughty and ordered loads off line this past week.
Then when we got back Darren had to replace the brakes on mums car. Then Sunday I went to the Southend air show with Darren and his family. Was a really nice day, until i got a migraine. We left at 3pm, but we did have our piccie taken and it was in the Basildon Echo on Monday. I havent seen the picture yet, but once i got it i will upload to here.
Then Monday i popped to Lakeside shopping, and then had my hair cut. I hate my hair cut. :o(

Actually thats a lie, i dont hate it, i am just very unsure as i have never had my hair this short before. :o(.
What do you think?

Thanks for looking.



Avril Ann said...

Tracy you have had a busy weekend. I love your hair, I had mine cut about 8 weeks ago, it was really long and like yourself I thought OH NO how will I cope, but I actually love it now. Wish mine was nice and blonde like yours, mines is more grey....LOL. Hugs Avril xxx

a little bit of me........ said...

loving your new hair Tracy it really suits you too,