Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bad Hand & new tattoos

Afternoon all,

I have been a very bad blogger i know :( Sorry.

I didnt manage to get any crafting done at all last week as I stayed at Darrens Mum and Dads in Basildon. I was hoping to go out to the shed the weekend but ended up being a bit of a hectic one, so no crafting still. Hopefully tonight.

Saturday started off bad for me, as I was woken to my hand being trodden on. Not deliberatly but still it was very painful, i woke up screaming.

This is the result of that:

The photo doesnt actually show how badly bruised the hand is for some reason. Trust me though it is black blue and purple. Not good. I went to the walk in clinic saturday and had it xrayed as the nurse took one look and said it might be fractured. Fortunatly no broken/fractured bones.

Saturday I also started my 4 week class at Sugar and Spice. This one is called off the page and it is based on mini albums. Nina our teacher is fab, you can see her blog here. There are 3 of us doing the course, Myself, Sharon and Janet. So its nice and small. I forgot to take piccies so will try and get it done tonight.

After the course I went to meet up with Darren as he was having his tattoo done, which does look very good - what you think?

I also managed to get mine done too, I am really pleased with mine, this isnt the best piccie but hey ho...lol

Then sunday I went and gt my nails done nice and pretty :), and in the afternoon we went to Darrens cousins BBQ, which was nice.

Last night we went to the dogs with Darrens family again, again had a good night. Darren won all but one race, i didnt win any :(. Next time i will follow all his bets i think...lol

Hope you are all well.

Thanks for looking.



Hi I'm Maria... said...

OUCH, your poor hand tracy, hope your feeling better soon...

maria x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

OUCH, your poor hand tracy, hope your feeling better soon...

maria x

SusieJ said...

Sounds like you're having a busy time Tracy!
Hope the hand gets better soon - love both the tatts!
Sue xx

Nina said...

Hi luv, Your tat looks super!