Friday, 26 June 2009

Gizmo sunbathing!

Morning all,

Well, here is some piccies of gizmo, trying to hide from the sun. Where he is so small he can manage to hide behind the plant pot.

How sweet does he look?

I also managed to get a piccie of scrappy which is very rare nowdays as he is always on the go.

How much has he grown? this is the little one that i took piccies off back in november time, he is now as big as my Sheppey.

Thanks for looking.



SusieJ said...

How cute is that?!!!
Both of them are gorgeous Tracy.
Sue xx

a little bit of me........ said...

ah ha mrs another doggie for me to pinch he is so gorgeous, and scrappy looks adorable my he has grown, still loving him xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

cute photos tracy...

maria x