Friday, 19 June 2009

Darrens Birthday drinks

Just thought I would add a few piccies of Tuesday night when we went to the pub for darrens birthday drinks.

I really dont like this piccie of me and Darren, it took Steve 10 mins to get the photo cos Darren was being a pain in the backside - Love ya really babe :o)

This is Tom and his girlfried. Sorry hun I cant remember your name. (hangs head in shame)

Here is Tony and his girlfriend. Again sorry hun but I cant remember your name. :o(

Lastly, here is Steve and his can you see the love in his eyes? lol

Thanks for looking.


a little bit of me........ said...

great pics, love the girlfriend whats her name again!!???


Crafting to stay sane! said...

Must have been a great night If you have trouble remembering names afterwards LOL! hugs Alyson XX

Hi I'm Maria... said...

looks like a nice evening tracy....

belated birthday wishes to darren...

maria x