Friday, 30 April 2010

Cakes - Yummy!

Hi all,

Well god knows what was wrong with me today, probably the fact that i had some sleep last night! Its the first time in months, i managed to sleep solid for almost 2 hours! amazing. I then woke at 6am, felt that i wanted to wash up and bake cakes! i decided against it at that time cos mum was still in bed with the dogs and i didnt want to wake them all up. Instead i went back to bed and got up at half 7, we went shopping down Heathway where i managed to get some acrylic pain for 91p from wilko, and some paint brushes for 97p. We then popped to asda where i brought daisy-ann a cute little outfit :). I then came home washed up and spent the next hour or so baking.
Here is a piccie of my efforts.

We have triple chocolate muffins in the middle, and butterfly cakes on the outside. I cant vouch for if they taste nice as i really dont fancy cakes, but mum has had one of each and said they were lovely.

Still no signs of baby, only 5 days til due date though.

Thanks for looking.


tea_bag said...

your cakes look very yummy alma x

SusieJ said...

Might be sooner than you think Tracy - sounds like you've got the "nesting instinct".
Those cakes look really yummy - can I have your share if you don't fancy them?lol
Sue xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oooh send some in this direction please tracy, as they look yummy...

maria x