Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Bump @ 37 weeks and 5 days

Morning all,

Ok, i have been a bad blogger again, I know i am on maternity leave and should be able to update more regular, but i have been still quite poorly :( still got morning sickness and sleep, well whats that.

Here is a piccie that was taken Sunday,

mum insists that she takes piccies of bump for me as she wants me to keep a record now i am actually showing loads. I am still unsure cos of my size in general, but hey ho.

Thanks for looking.



tea_bag said...

You look wonderful Tracy and trust me you will be glad you have those photos once baby is here not long at all In fact it could be any day hugs alma xx

SusieJ said...

Not long now Tracy! You really mustn't worry about blogging - you need to REST esp. as you aren't sleeping well.
Sorry you're still feeling sick.
Hugs and sparkles,
Sue xx

mrs tsv said...

you look blooming beautiful tracy, i wish you could see what we can. make sure your putting your feet up madam. or il be nagging you.
lots of hugs
gina xxxxxxxxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

you look lovely tracy, would say blooming, but gina beat me to it, lol...

not long now....
maria x