Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Good Morning

Hi all,

Well i thought i would just do a waffle post this morning, i cant seem to get on docrafts and i miss saying hi on

Well baby is getting bigger everyday, and she is becoming more and more fidgety. Her kicks are being felt more now, not by me, but can be felt by others too :) Its all so exciting, i cant believe i only have 13 weeks left until my little one comes :).
We seem to have the majority of the bits we need, cot bed will be brought when i want it (my dad is buying that) and the pram should be the end of this month (Darrens mum and dad are buying that). My mum brought us the moses basket which is so pretty - Thanks Mum, that's without all the other bits she keeps buying.
We have been very lucky, both families want to help all they can which takes the strain financially off of us.

Asda had a baby event a couple of weeks ago, and i managed to get quite a lot from there for fraction of price - eg, car seat for £25.00 which was normally £100.00 else where. So a big touch :)

Only 11 more weeks at work, yet i have so much to do still, and so much i need to show the bosses. We have been so busy though that i haven't had five minutes to sit down and say to them this needs to be done on this day, blah blah blah.
Oh well, not a lot i can do about that.

Well, i guess i better get on with work, i have got Friday off so going down the housing, and out to buy bits for the baby shower i am having on 21st March, all so exciting:)

Have a lovely day all, and i hope you haven't fallen

Thanks for looking.



SusieJ said...

Gosh Tracy - only 13 weeks! You sound very well organised - I can see that baby is going to be spoilt rotten!lol Seriously - it's wonderful that both your families are so keen to help and I'm sure Baby will be well loved.
Sue xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

hiya tracy, pleased to hear daisy ann is keeping you on your toes with her kicking...

cannot believe where the time has gone to, my nephews little on is due on the 15th march, so he will be here before I know it...

take care
maria x

mrs tsv said...

13 weeks will fly by, its fantastic when daisy ann is kicking. enjoy every minute lovely.
you are well organised, and its good that the 2 sides of the family want to help.
lots of hugs and sparkles for you both.
gina xxxxxxxxxxxxx

SueB said...

Is it really only 13 weeks to go?! Where did that time go??

Sounds like you're all organised there Tracy, although my only advise would be, don't go too mad with buying baby things. My friends mother worked for Mothercare as a buyer and I got sooo much stuff I could have opened a baby shop! Plus another pal gave me all her beautiful old baby clothes too. By the time my baby arrived, I felt a little overwhelmed with all the stuff. Plus, the really tiny things, they're only in them five minutes, even though they were soooooo cute!!!
I'd also hold off on the travel cot, both of mine hated it, and never went in it, they just ended up in the bed with me, lol!

You sound sooo excited Tracy, it's a wonderful magical time, enjoy it!

Love Suzie xxxx :)