Thursday, 11 February 2010

12 weeks to go

Afternoon all,

12 weeks to go is all we have until my little angel is due to come into the world, and i cant believe how quick the whole time has gone. It is amazing. She thinks my belly is a kick bag as thats all she seems to do now, but i love that feeling, it lets me know that i do really have something/someone growing inside me.

I have been feeling a bit low the past couple of days though, i think it is because we dont have long until i have to go through labour, speaking to a couple of girls over on docrafts what i am feeling is completly natural, which i guessed that was the case anyway. Its still worrying though because i suffered with depression a few years back i worry that the black cloud will come back and haunt me.

We have finally picked out the pram, and I cant wait to order that, which i must do this week as its in a sale and the offer ends the end of the month.

well i think i better get on with some

Have a lovely day.

Thanks for looking.



Crafting to stay sane! said...

Hi Tracy, how exciting 12 weeks! Once your little angel is here you will be fine . The love you will feel will outshine all your worries! Just enjoy the next 12 weeks, try to get some time for yourself as you'll be busy soon enough! Sending hugs and sparkles Alyson x

SusieJ said...

Agree with everything Alyson said! Do make some "me time" Tracy and don't worry - you'll be fine (says she who had a C section as DS was breach and I'm only 5ft tall).
It's getting quite exciting isn't it!
Sue xx

tea_bag said...

Wow only 12 weeks how fast has that flown by You will make a wonderful mother its all getting exciting now hugs alma x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

you're be fine tracy, we all have worries, you're make a great fun....

sending you tons of sparkles for you and daisy-ann...

maria x