Monday, 11 January 2010

Txt Dictionary

Hey all,

I wanted to make Emma a kind of joke present. When i send her emails and include things like "btw" or "omg" i then have to translate them as Emma isnt into text talk. So the perfect pressie was to make her a Text Talk dictionary.

Here is a piccie of the cover:

Thanks for looking.


SusieJ said...

An inspired idea Tracy and it looks good!
Sue xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

it's looks lovely tracy, well done...

maria x

tartantaz said...

What a good looking book but what a fantastic idea.

T x

mrs tsv said...

a fab idea tracy, i need one of these for my sister. its only recently she fathomed out what lol stands for.
she is hopeless. lol
gina xxxxxxxxxxxxx