Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New scan piccie

Hey all,

Well yesterday i had to go back to the hospital to have another scan, cos as you may recall Daisy-Ann wouldnt turn for love nor money so the sonographer could see her face. So we go in for a early appointment this morning, and scanner goes on my belly and what can we see? her spine again...lol She was sound asleep. After putting me on my side and a bit of prodding, she turned to us and gave a big almighty yawn, wow such an amazing thing to watch on a screen. :)

Here is the scan piccie, wont be no more now til my growth check on the 7th April, boo hoo :(

Thanks for looking.



SusieJ said...

Wow Tracy!
Sue xx

tartantaz said...

Fantastic scan picture. Its great what technology will let us see these days.

T x

SueB said...

Just beautiful Tracy!
Suzie xxxx :)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely photo trcy, never had the change of these when I was pregnant...

hope you're both keeping well...

maria xx

mrs tsv said...

beautiful photo tracy and a beautiful name.
hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxx