Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Weight loss slimming world week one (week 5 dieting)

I know I havent blogged in a while, but i have been so busy i havent really had time. Well i changed from cambridge diet to slimming world just over a week ago, and i had my first weigh in on Monday just gone. Unfortunalty my counseller forgot to write down my weight, so we didnt know how much i lost. So using my brain (yes it did hurt) i called my cambridge counsellor asking her my weight from 2 weeks previously. Working it out from that, i lost another 6lb. So my total weight loss is now 1 Stone and 8Lb. As you can imagine, i am so happy and pleased with myself. Its amazing.
I must admit i have found slimming world a bit hard this week as i have gone from doing a diet that consists of shakes, soups and porridge to being able to eat as much free food as i like. My stomach just cant handle it. So i am doing it at my own pace, i dont want to stretch my stomach aain anyway, i dont want to be big anymore si i need to stick to it. I feel like I am in a different frame of mind. I feel determined. So this time next year I am hoping I will be half the woman I am today :o)

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Anonymous said...

well done sweet, youre doing so well. i really believe you will get to your desired weight. keep up the good work. gina xxxxxxx