Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Laser Eye Surgery

Well today is my first day glasses free, and trust me it is a whole new world with out glasses.
I had my surgery done yesterday at about 3.15pm at Optical Express in Lakeside shopping centre. I would definatly recommend that anyone who has been thinking about it get it done.
It doesnt hurt when they are doing it, but when you come out your yes are streaming with tears, and you find it very hard to keep your eyes open for a good few hours. So that is uncomfortable.
Today I cant get over how clear everything is. I can read things I couldnt read even with my glasses on - it is truly amazing.
My eyes are a bit swollen today but i think that is to do with the wonderful goggles you have to wear to bed for the first week. They are to stop you from scratching or poking your eye, even though they dont look that
Will update daily on how the vision improves, i cant wait :o)


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Anonymous said...

im so glad it went well for you hun, make sure you dont over strain them. gina xxxxxx