Wednesday, 24 March 2010

34 Week bump!

Morning all,

Hope you are all well.

Sorry i dont blog that much anymore, but i am so exhausted i dont really get time to do much crafting, let alone blogging.

Ok mum has been on at me to take piccies of my bump, but because i am a larger lady i am embarrassed to put them up. The last one i took was a few posts back, which was taken on the day of my md's wedding back in February.

I have taken the plunge and got my MD to take a piccie of bump as of today, so it is an official 34 week bump.
I am embarrassed to put it up but hey ho, i am what i am.

Thanks for looking.


I do apologise for looking so rough, but i am just getting over a 48 hour bug and i look like death warmed up still.


mrs tsv said...

tracy your bump is beautiful lovely, nearing the end of pregnancies we all felt big and fat. but you will look at this picture when daisy ann is a year old and you will smile at your bump with fond memories, because someone really beautiful came out of it.
you may even be thinking about baby number 2. lol
lots and lots of hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxxx

SusieJ said...

Looking good Tracy! Not long to go now - you must rest as much as possible.
Take care.
Sue xx

Crafting to stay sane! said...

You look great Tracy, so exciting that Daisy Ann will soon be here!
Take care of yourself!
hugs Alyson x

tea_bag said...

You look wonderful in full bloom as we used to say Its wonderful to have a photo of yourself just before baby is born you look wonderful

hugs alma xx

craftattack said...

You look gorgeous Tracy!

Dragon Lady said...

Pleased to meet you Tracey and Daisy Ann of course.

You both look beautiful !! :o)

Joanne said...

Positively blooming Tracy!

maddy hill said...

love the bump ! you look lovely to me !
at least nowadays you can wear trendy clothes when pregnant - all i had were flippen andy pandy dungerees ! now that was embarassing !
maddy x