Sunday, 25 January 2009

First attempt at crochet

Wasnt feeling much in the crafting mood today, after yesterdays headache i didnt fancy prompting another so i decided to just chill out. My friend Emma popped over as i had sorted some bits out for her, and she had a nose at my shed. Been friends for years, but she hadnt actually seen my shed in person. Jenni over on DC has nicknamed it my 'craft cabin' lol.
So feeling a bit creative i thought i would have a go at crochet, i bought the wool and needle a few weeks back, along with knitting needles too. Knitting didnt catch on, maybe i will go back and have another go. So i thought lets try crochet.
I had a look on you tube and found this link, and thought yeah that looks simple enough. So i had a go. The first attempt was too tight, so i cut it and started again, and this is what we have so far:-

I am really pleased with it, i need to get a bigger needle though as using the needle i got it doesnt show the shell pattern as good as it should, but hey it is my first attempt :o)


sue-bubbles said...

WOW Tracy, this is brilliant for a 1st go!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW tracy a great star,

it's something I fancy having a go at, had a book and hooks for years, but it's always one of those things I will try some day, lol

anyway well done

maria x

Mina said...

looks great...this is the first craft my Mum ever taught me...brings back memories xxx

Clarky J said...

Fab bag!! Hop over to my blog - I have tagged you x